Wix and Assignment one .. eek!

Assignment One’s due date is just around the corner! Three words to describe this feeling… eeek, arggghhhh and omg!!

Prior to this secondary degree, I dappled in another degree at another university where I had to create a WIX interactive webpage for young children.  I was able to pickup the online WIX website builder pretty quickly and was able to create a primary education SOSE lesson interactive game quite quickly.  The link to my original creation can be found here: http://sandriolo.wix.com/edp130_webpage#!.  

I won’t lie, I created this quite a number of years ago and the quality of it is not technologically sound as it would have been if recreated now.  Although I am my worst critic, I was pretty happy with the embedding of videos, animation and sound that I had created and thus why I have mentioned it in this post.  Due to using WIX prior, I have finally decided (yes, a week out from assignment one due date eeeekkk!) that I would use WIX again for assignment one’s artifact.

So far I have discovered that the site has changed from when I last used it, and spent a couple of hours today trying to get my head around new feature.  I have finally though been able to create (in my opinion) a really neat homepage for my artifact and ready to continue on with the core information needing to be embedded into it….. FINALLY!

My feelings so far on this assignment have been a mixture of confusion mixed with feeling overwhelmed due to numerous ideas for my artifact and wanting to input unnecessary bells and whistle to the webpage which is delaying my progression to the more important features such as the content!

I will give you another update in a few days time on how I am progressing with the assignment.  So far, the foundation stages such as, choosing the technological platform (WIX Webpage), dot points on what needs to be within the content and a beautified front home page have been constructed.  I am hoping in a couple of days time most of the content has been discovered as well as the online resources being embedded have also been sourced.

I feel writing this down in my blog has made me more accountable to keep trekking on with this assignment.  I now know that my few followers, as well as those who follow me on Feedly, will be able to see this and therefore I feel I ‘owe it to them’ to continue on with my assignment – quite strange, I know – but whatever works, hey!

I am off to keep going on my WIX artifact now! Wish me luck!

Yours in blogging,

Stef 🙂

Ps. I have inserted (below) the banner of my WIX webpage assignment that I created in the EDC3100 tutorial on Friday.  I have inserted it into this post to give you a snapshot on the WIX program and to exemplify its simplicity when creating a webpage through their online program!

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 9.44.21 pm


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