Sharing is caring should be every teachers motto!

One of my favourite places to look online for valuable information (other than Pinterest!!) is Youtube.  I also believe it is imperative for the continual progression and professionalism of teachers locate and share resources (those of value of course) with each other in the interest of our core business, that being, to educate, support and differentiate material and resources to our students.

After having a read of fellow EDC3100 student blogs, I came across my friend Jesse’s blog post on technology being made ‘real’ on a more international/global scale. Jesse found a video to really reiterate the effects technology has now had on today’s society. This video has been put together in an easy to understand format that not only tickles the interests of those concerned in technology and its effects, but also for those who have no interest in it, but find statistics and knowledge valuable.

To view this really informative blog post by Jesse please click HERE! If you would like to visit Jesse’s page and read other great blog posts written by him, please visit is blog,
Great find Jesse! I hope this “blog promotion” as such and links to his really informative blog post and video (although seven years old) has been a value source of information on technology and its continual effects and growth on today’s society!


One thought on “Sharing is caring should be every teachers motto!

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