Things just got real and I’m taking control with SAMR, iPad’s and Youtube resources

The past three weeks of semester one have been…… I don’t even have one word for what it’s been like.. sooo.. here are a couple: crazy, exhausting, busy, erratic, overwhelming and completely consuming of my life – more than any other semester has ever before.  For the past few days, the procrastination has been at an all time high and took the past few days from posting on my blog as well as going through the weeks learning path.  The problem with this ‘plan of attack’ is now I am feeling more behind and stressed – although I’m not really behind in reality!

Today, Wednesday the 18 March 2015 I declare to be ‘taking control’ day.  No more days off and no more stress! I am in the midst of finishing this post and have been working with ideas on my next post slowly over the past few days!  Now that’s taking control!

I thought this short post was imperative to write about – especially because I find it very easy to write blogs at my own time, however.. due to assessments and time constraints, this writing element is something I have struggled to find the motivation to do along with other course and subject requirements.  Now that the decision to take control and to ‘suck it up’ has become the focus of my week, I would like to direct you to some extra reading I have done whilst ‘not studying.’  I have read and watched a lot in relation to ICT and technology.  Below are a list of three in that I find would be relevant to all teachers:

  1. SAMR Smash! (Click HERE to view this page) – I found this page whilst googling ‘Teaching ICTs’ (very generic I know!).  I think its excellent!  On this page, it shows you a relationship between the SAMR model with Bloom’s Taxonomy which I think is great because I feel I myself have a lot of knowledge in Bloom’s – so to show relationships between the two make  understanding of the SAMR model easier)
  2. iPad’s as the teacher’s pet (click HERE to view this page) – This site is great! I have worked in a 1:1 Ipad school previously when I was on professional experience and loved how the iPad’s were integrated within the classroom.  Before this experience I was very skeptical on the uses and whether or not iPad’s would be seen as a distraction rather than a tool.  I myself saw it as a tool that both worked well for the teacher who administered quality lessons alongside the technology as well as for the student who was engaged fully with the content and technology.  This webpage is great for both teachers who have and have not used an iPad in the classroom before to give ideas on how to use them efficiently as quality teaching tools.  Blake’s blog also goes into a number of different technologies along with the iPad that teachers may find useful – it is a really good read into the variations of ICTs that can actually be used in the classroom!
  3. Youtube for Schools (click HERE to view this page) – YouTube has been around online for as long as I know.  Not only does YouTube cater for videos of various things from entertainment, to tutorials to informative, but it can also be an amazing resource for in the classroom).  YouTube for schools is a page based upon ways in which YouTube can be utilized as a resource to assist learning in the classroom.  This page along with a supporting YouTube video (go figure!) demonstrates how it is effective for the administration of learning to a different means for students to acquire learning.

Although I have named three specific pages and resources that I found this week in my absence from blogging, there is an internet world bursting with endless amounts of resources to support teaching and learning.

I am going to leave you now with a blog post by Ross, a fellow EDC3100 student at USQ who blogged about how education is being changed by technology.  I found the TED video embedded in post to be quite valuable.

Hoping my rant as well as my resources have become some value for you all! I am working on a really interesting blog piece as we speak (yes, two in one day maybe… I guess I really am taking control!!!!) I am very interested in the issues pertained within this next post so stayed tuned for it!!!

Yours in blogging,

Stef 🙂

Ps – Couldnt help myself to add this really cool list I found on Pinterest on “21 things every 21st teacher should do this year”


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