I didn’t realise they taught Schema theory at Primary schools.. eek.. Why havent I heard about it before!

I have made a list of topics from the past week and a half of learning that I would like to blog about.  I won’t lie, its a pretty long list strangely enough for such a short period of time, however I narrowed it down to starting with the topic that I would tricky to understand initially, and that’s the term, ‘schema.’  Although the idea of schema sounded relatively straight forward, I was still finding it difficult to being able to explain the concept.  I decided to do some research using my favourite platform, Pinterest.  Now, I am more than aware that Pinterest is a web-based platform designed at getting inspiration from photos with links to where they have come from on the web, however I really like using Pinterest as a starting point for that very reason and to support my initial learning of something new.

When I inserted the term ‘schema’ into Pinterest I was given hundreds of examples from other educators on ways in that they taught their students (more embarrassingly for me, they were primary school lessons!) when it came to schema.  One picture that really caught my eye was from a blog by a teacher in the United States named Megan (picture is below!) You can visit Megan’s blog HERE.

From the looks of the chart Megan has created, links were made with the idea of schema and possibly the English subject.  I was able to get a better insight in the term schema at a basic level just from the chart.  When researching and piecing together the meaning of schema, I was able to draw connections from what I previously learnt in class from Vicki Farwell my lecturer as, “Your hidden assumptions” with the idea that these connections can be made from new acquired knowledge such as from books, television, the world etc.  You could possibly say that I used my own schema to acquire new knowledge on what schema is! Kind of ironic hey!

So not only was I able to grasp an understanding on the term schema, but I unknowingly used my own schema to build upon my knowledge on the term… exhausting I know!


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